(parts of which were stolen from attrition.org {okay, so I got the 'okay', but it sounds cooler if I say I stole it... sigh...})

  • This is a personally owned and privately operated system. You have no rights here.

  • Any mail entering this system becomes the sole property of yespinky.com or the residents thereof. By mailing any address at yespinky.com, you forfeit any claim of copyright. E-mail, book reviews, movie reviews, music reviews, commentary and all other submitted work become copyrighted to yespinky.com and anyone designated therein. E-mail confidentiality agreements and disclaimers are invalid for mail coming into this system. Mailing anyone at yespinky.com denotes your agreement with these rules.

    Don't agree? Then don't mail me.

  • I block systems that send me spam. If you are having a problem mailing me and keep getting an insulting error, you are sending mail from a machine or mail relay that has sent me spam in the past. Inactive administration causes these systems to stay blocked. Feel free to mail me if you think this is unfair or would like the block lifted, but don't hold your breath. Please note, many addresses here run a spam filter, SpamAssassin. If you send mail to me and it doesn't get answered in a few days, verify your mail doesn't have characteristics or signatures of spam. For the spam harvest software that doesn't actually read pages, enjoy the attrition.org harvest page.

  • I like RFC standards when they suit me.
    • I will block incoming mail (SMTP) traffic as I see fit. Domains that do not follow RFC guidelines will be blocked. Specifically, not following RFC 2142 (section 4) and RFC 2821 (section 4.5.1) will result in your entire domain being blocked from sending me e-mail. I don't care if you are a national ISP with a few million customers.
    • I will block incoming web (HTTP) traffic as I see fit. Browsers/clients that spoof user agents or HREF's will also be blocked at our discretion. Specifically, not following RFC 1945 (section 10.13 and 10.15) or RFC 2616 (section 14.36 and 14.43) will result in your domain or client being blocked.

  • Our ISP is not responsible for OUR content. This has been the case for a long time and upheld in court repeatedly (see below). More recently, the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DCMA) specifically states in Title II, Sec. 202, 512:
    "(a) TRANSITORY DIGITAL NETWORK COMMUNICATIONS -- A service provider shall not be liable for monetary relief, or, except as provided in subsection (j), for injunctive or other equitable relief, for infringement of copyright by reason of the provider's transmitting, routing, or providing connections for, material through a system or network controlled or operated by or for the service provider, or by reason of the intermediate and transient storage of that material in the course of such transmitting, routing, or providing connections, if-
    ``(1) the transmission of the material was initiated by or at the direction of a person other than the service provider;
    ``(2) the transmission, routing, provision of connections, or storage is carried out through an automatic technical process without selection of the material by the service provider;
    ``(3) the service provider does not select the recipients of the material except as an automatic response to the request of an- other person;
    ``(4) no copy of the material made by the service provider in the course of such intermediate or transient storage is main- tained on the system or network in a manner ordinarily acces- sible to anyone other than anticipated recipients, and no such copy is maintained on the system or network in a manner ordi- narily accessible to such anticipated recipients for a longer pe- riod than is reasonably necessary for the transmission, routing, or provision of connections; and
    ``(5) the material is transmitted through the system or net- work without modification of its content.

    For those who didn't read the legalise above, it states that ISPs are NOT liable for customer content. Previous case law further shows this is true:

    Prodigy Prevails in Libel Suit
    AOL Cleared of Defamation
    CDA's ISP Protections Upheld
    Blumenthal v America Online and Zeran vs America Online

    If you try to mail our ISP they will have absolutely NO control over our content. If they threaten to drop our connection, I will move the content to another server outside the US, to a more friendly ISP with backbone or to a server in international waters (outside of any legal jurisdiction). In short, legal threats are NOT a valid tactic against me.

  • This system may contain language, images, ideas, or philosophies that may be offensive to some, and a turn-on to others. This is your warning. If you do not wish to browse that type of material, hit your back button at least twice. Make sure there is no reference to 'attrition.org' in your location box. If you are unsure what this means, click here.

  • I really don't care. I don't need your feedback. Your flames, insults, begging and other tripe will potentially be used on my funstuff page or sent to anyone I choose. I will include any portion of your mail on that page if we see fit, including full headers and x-originating-ip if I choose. Let me repeat this so we are clear: I DO NOT CARE.

  • Privacy Policy: You have no privacy whatsoever.

  • If you have a complaint, question, problem, or anything associated with those words, mail ME please. Please address these grievances with me. I do not guarantee I will comply with your wish, but I will give it the due attention I feel it deserves. Polite and valid requests will be complied with quickly and professionally.